Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Scenes from the long weekend...

Oh what a weekend! We literally never left the house other than to go to church and B's birthday lunch. It was just what I needed! We have been going nonstop the last couple of months, and it finally caught up to me. Laying low and hanging with my guys was just what this tired, pregger mama needed.

We basically lived outside this weekend. Popsicles, slip and slide and plenty of grilling made for the best time. I laugh because I've been researching bounce house water slides for the boys but am thinking we might not need one. They are so content with their $12 slip and slide and old plastic slide! They are also loving B's burgers! He is quite the grill master.

We managed to get dressed and out of the house Sunday for church but not before a bday breakfast for B. I asked George what we should make and he scrolled through my breakfast page on Pinterest and picked these tasty breakfast cookies. They were so good! After church we hit up a new restaurant for birthday brunch, and I must say I only want my eggs Benedict on croissants from now on. So rich and so good!

Spent Memorial Day remembering those who had fallen and giving thanks for their sacrifice. I also gave thanks for B being home from work and another day to sleep in. Can you believe I didn't get out of bed until 10am?? The best! We whipped up another birthday treat with the help of the boys and had a few friends over for more grilling and playing. Ate way too much and laughed plenty watching all our crazy kids play. The perfect end to a much needed relaxing weekend!


  1. What a nice weekend! So nice to just stay home and enjoy your family! I've just added a slip n' slide to our Amazon order! Great idea!

  2. I seriously can't handle how adorable you are! What a fun weekend outside with your boys! Xo, Stephanie