Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer Travels - Part One

We're back! Finally! Two and a half weeks on the road traveling to see family and friends and we are finally back in Nashville. We had the best time, but I have to tell you, traveling with my two wild men can wear a mama out. It was worth it though.

We kicked things off heading to Louisiana to celebrate the Fourth and celebrate B's grandmother turning 90! Such an incredible woman who is an example for us all. B's entire family traveled in for the celebration, and with plenty of food, water slides and crazy kiddos, it was a party to remember. Our time in Louisiana was also filled with plenty of music! B sat in for a set at an old stomping ground and his band put on quite a show for a farm party. G loved watching his dada jam! We also enjoyed plenty of downtime just relaxing with MeMo and Pappy as well as some time visiting my sweet great-aunt and great-uncle and grandmother who were in town.

As tiring and wearing as traveling with little ones can sometimes be there's nothing like hearing their sweet laughter at their silly MeMo or watching a loved one steal their sugar to make you realize it's all worth it for the chance to make these memories. Oh and free babysitting from the grandparents for a few nights out too!

Stay tuned for our Texas adventures!

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  1. yall have certainly been on the move this much family fun and it looks like you and all your boys had a ball!