Friday, January 10, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday, friends!
So much for getting my Christmas pics up this week.
Time just got away from me...
Linking up again with these lovely ladies to share what five things I'm loving.

In honor of the new year and resolutions, I'm sharing my five favorite healthy recipes I cannot wait to try.
Considering the amount of Tex-Mex I consumed while home for the holidays, I need to get cooking these dishes immediately.

So, this isn't exactly a recipe, but I do plan to give it a try.
I've heard great things about this cleanse, and I'm planning on doing the 1 day version on Monday.
Luckily it's 1200 calories for the whole day, so I shouldn't starve to death {fingers crossed...}.

I mean this just makes me drool.
I love roasted veggies and crispy chickpeas??
Yes please!
Here's hoping this is hearty enough that even my meat eating hubby will enjoy.

I am loving every single thing in this salad.
You had me at arugula but add pom seeds, crunchy nuts and avocado, and I'm in.

My favorite part of winter is comfort food, especially hearty soups.
Excited to try this one that looks so rich and creamy yet won't leaving me feeling so guilty.

Aside from B and me wanting to eat more healthy, I'm hoping to get my little man back on track with his veggies.
Since pancakes are his go-to carb these days, I'm hoping sneaking in some veggies this way will do the trick.
We shall see...

So what healthy recipes are you resolving to cook this year?
Found any tasty dishes that are actually good for you??
Please share!
Happy weekend friends!


  1. Yum the sweet potato and corn chowder looks delicious! I'm always looking for healthy recipes that don't seem like diet food!

    1. Oh I know! I'm making your Mexican quinoa tomorrow night!

  2. That autumn salad looks amazing! YUMMY! I am trying harder to eat clean too. It's tough!

    1. Made the autumn salad tonight and it was SO yummy! Cheers to trying to eat better...and splurging every now and then. :)

  3. I want that salad! It looks sooooo good. Pom seeds are a recent discovery for me in salads - game changer!

    1. I am addicted to pom seeds!!! Salads are good, but I love them in some bubbly too!

  4. Let me know how that cleanse goes girl! xo