Monday, December 9, 2013

Scenes from the weekend...

Despite the "snowpacolypse" and "icemaggedon" that took over Dallas this weekend, my parents made it to Nashville!
A little flight finagling, and they beat the storm arriving Thursday night.
Things sure change when you have kids {obvious statement}.
No longer are we out and about showing them all Nashville has to offer.
We literally stayed in all weekend playing with the boys.
My mom cooked for us, my dad entertained the wild man and Jude got plenty of snuggles from both his Oma and Poppa.
Sadly my tigers could not pull off a victory but luckily B and I did in our spades game with my parents.
I see a rematch in our future come Christmas...
A perfect family weekend, but the highlight?
Oma staying with the boys and B and I heading to Vegas!
Got in last night and ready for some fun...