Friday, December 20, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday, friends!
Linking up again with some of my favorite gals to share what five things I'm loving this week.
In honor of Christmas, I thought I'd share my five favorite holiday traditions.
We are currently on the road headed to Texas, and here's what I'm looking forward to most when we get there.

1. Festivities with friends
I am so thankful for all my Dallas friends!
We have grown up together and been friends since elementary school.
I love that no matter how far away I move whenever I come home it's as if we haven't missed a beat.
Each year the Saturday before Christmas we have a mother daughter happy hour.
Sadly my mom has a wedding tomorrow night so I'll be solo, but so looking forward to catching up with my besties.
Then each year on Christmas Eve we take all the husbands and kiddos and head out for a Mexican lunch.
It's one of my favorite traditions and has become highly entertaining the more kids we all continue to have!

2. Christmas Eve Candlelight Service 
Probably my favorite tradition has to be the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service.
It is so special to take time during all the holiday hustle and bustle and truly reflect on the meaning of the season.
Now being a mom, this means more to me than ever.
I cannot wait to watch G's eyes light up as we sing "Silent Night" and hold up our candles.
Knowing him, he'll shout out, "Happy Birthday, Jesus!"
And I'll absolutely love it.

3. Christmas Eve Pajamas
Every Christmas Eve after we get home from church my mom says we can open one present.
When we were kids it took a few years to catch on, but now we all know what that one present is.
Christmas pajamas!
I love this.
My brothers?
Not so much.
My mom wraps up matching pjs for all the guys and matching pjs for the two of us.
Love that now my soon-to-be sister-in-law gets a pair too!

4. Twas the Night Before Christmas
Once we're all decked in our pjs {after much coercing of the guys} we sit around and my dad reads "The Night Before Christmas."
I love that this tradition will now carry on with my kiddos.

5. Cinnamon Roll Competition
And the highlight of our traditions...
Our cinnamon roll competition!
My family is very competitive and loves food.
I'm not sure how many years ago this started, but my mom used to always make her homemade rolls on Christmas.
One year my dad got a wild hair and decided to make a batch of his own, and thus the competition was born.
Anyone can enter and we invite over family and friends to come Christmas morning to taste and vote.
Still haven't finalized which recipe I'm entering, but I have a few up my sleeve with some secret ingredients {booze!}.
Will keep you posted!

So what are your favorite Christmas traditions?


  1. A cinnamon roll competition! How fun! These are all so great and festive! I love Christmas Eve candelight services, too. Such a great time to reflect on the real meaning of the season. Stopping by from the link-up. Happy Friday!

    Forever Young

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Just checked out your darling blog. Love all your pictures!

  2. Oh man, can I be invited to your cinnamon roll competition?? We haven't built too many traditions yet - my daughters are still little, so we're finding our way as our own little unit.

    I found you from Five on Friday... I'm excited to have more of a look around! Your site is beautiful. And I LOVE your signature :)

    1. Oh thank you, Jenna! Hope you and your littles enjoyed a wonderful holiday. Stay tuned for pics from the cinnamon roll competition... ;)

  3. I love the idea of unwrapping Christmas pajamas the night before. Safe travels to you!

    1. It's so fun and this year we snagged some fun ones from Gap Body {my fave!}. Hope you enjoyed a lovely holiday!

  4. Christmas Eve candlelight service is my favorite too! And same with our Christmas Eve jams!

    1. Here's hoping you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas!

  5. Excited to read more of your blog.

    I have nominated you for a LIEBSTER!!!

    1. Aw thanks, Regina! You are too kind!