Thursday, August 16, 2012

Oh to be back there now...

We are back and already missing the cool, fresh air and laid back vibe that California provides.  What is it about wine country that just makes you forget about all the worries and hustle and bustle of real life?  Oh, the wine!  I feel like {correction, I know} I have been in constant motion since we have been back.  All week I keep just closing my eyes and transporting myself back to that convertible cruising down Highway 29…I mean does life get any better?  Yes, coming home to the smiling face of my sweet angel who just had the best time with his grandmother {I think the two of them may have had more fun than we did!}.  Big weekend ahead with G’s baptism and lots of family and friends in town.  Hoping to go through my many, many Napa pics soon, but here are just a few from my phone.  Oh to be back there now… J

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