Monday, May 28, 2012

Look who's three months old!

Happy three month birthday, George!

So yes, my child is actually now five months old (cannot believe it!) but I've had these monthly posts just sitting here and am finally catching up.  Bear with me people! :)


Month 3 was lots of fun and filled with lots of firsts!

The little man had his first bottle, took his first airplane ride and laughed for the first time.  There is truly no greater sound than that of my sweet baby’s laugh.  George also met many, many family and friends for the first time.  The highlight of month three for me was definitely the incredible sleeping skills of my little guy.  I swear the 12 days we were in Texas he slept 12 hours each night.  I was having to wake him up each morning!  My little man continues to grow and proves to be the best laid back, go with the flow baby.  I love him so much and look forward to many more firsts!

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