Monday, May 28, 2012

Look who's four months old!

Happy four month birthday, George!

George is growing and changing so much!  Especially growing!  We had to pack up many of his clothes this month that he has already outgrown. J 

So, what is the little man loving this month?  His nanny!  I went back to work and am so blessed with a wonderful nanny who George adores.  We are doing a nanny share, so he also loves spending time with his girlfriend Lily (they are two days apart and love each other!).  I am once again so thankful for my sweet baby that he adjusted to his new schedule and has transitioned so well.  He’s also learning to love (not quite there yet) rice cereal.  At his four month check-up we were given the green light for solid foods.  Check out our first attempt…

So he’s definitely wearing more than he’s eating!  Here’s looking forward to all that comes with month five…

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