Thursday, February 16, 2012

Love it!

What fun recipe club was Monday night!  The group meets each month with a different theme, and in honor of Valentine's Day, I thought it would be fun to celebrate all things we love.  I have seen it done as a Favorite's Party, where people set a price limit and then bring their favorite thing to share with the group.  So, our rules were simple, pick the one thing you love that is not more than $6 and bring five of them. And of course, since it is recipe club, bring your favorite snack or sweet treat.

Since I always strive to be the hostess with the mostess, I spent some time perusing Pinterest to find some clever decor ideas.  I am happy to say that all my projects were done with materials I already owned.  Seriously, no trip to Michael's!

Remember that ribbon I showed you on Sunday?  Well...

Voila!  A ribbon garland!

For my centerpieces I went with my favorite flowers, hydrangeas, and red hots.
I filled the votives with Valentine sprinkles.
Don't you love the runner??  Just doilies and glue! I'm a sucker for handmade projects.

I was torn with what I should make, so I asked B what I make that is his all-time favorite treat...
Toffee Bars!

This was not cooking, just decorating...
But thanks to Pinterest, these chocolate dipped Milanos turned out pretty cute (and tasty).

No gathering is complete without wine, but I wanted to have a fun drink too.  I was tempted to do something with champagne, but since it was so cold and rainy that night, I thought a hot chocolate bar would do the trick.

My lovely Keurig made sure each cup was piping hot, and I love all the fun toppings.
Marshmallows, caramels and peppermint bits

What's a party without Valentine candy?

When everyone arrived they wrote their name on five hearts.
After we all sampled all the treats (olive dip and cheesecake stuffed strawberries were my favorites. oh and homemade sourdough bread with dipping oil!) it was time to see what goodies everyone brought.  Each person presented their item and then drew five times. Those names got that person's item. Get it? :) So, at the end of the night everyone went home with five new things. 

I was so busy setting up for the party I forgot to take a picture of my five items, but I love them!  They are these fabulous wine stoppers from World Market.
Of course I went with the red ones. :)

Some of my favorite goodies included a travel perfume sprayer from Nordstrom that you fill with your own scent, an egg timer from World Market that you use to hard boil your eggs and a grocery list magnetic pad for the fridge from Container Store.  Other favorites included candles, nail polish, candy, pens, kitchen gadgets and moisturizer. 

It was a wonderful evening filled with fabulous food and goodies, but most importantly fun fellowship with friends. I so enjoyed this much needed girls night. :)

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