Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fashion Police

Well, what did everyone think of Sunday night??  I know I am a little late with this post, but it's been a busy week.  We had SO much fun Sunday at the Belcourt Oscar party!  They really rolled out the red carpet, literally.  Upon arriving on the red carpet, guests were able to pose and play in the Yelp photo booth.  They had so many fun props! 

This year the food was even better than last year.  Risotto balls, firecracker shrimp, chicken satay, meatballs, smoked mozzarella pasta salad...from the looks of my plate you would have thought it was my last meal.  Plenty of wine, spirits and bubbly to boot!  Aside from the actual red carpet arrivals and awards show, I was more interested in the people watching at the Belcourt.  Lots of interesting outfits and accessories!

I have to say I was glad I was at a fun party because honestly I was really underwhelmed with this year's show.  First of all, I was really not that impressed by the fashions shown on the red carpet.  Now I have not yet watched the E! Fashion Police, but here are my picks for best and worst dressed.

Best Dressed
Cate Blanchett - My Best Dressed!  I absolutely LOVE!!!

Look at that back!  Amazing.

Worst Dressed

I love you Reese, but wow.  You look so dated.  Sadly not dated enough to be hip.

Now aside from the fashion, I was pleased with the actual award winners.  No real surprises, and if you check my previous post, I was pretty close with my predictions.  One thing I was not pleased with, the hosts.  Wow, I think Will, Amy and I did a better job hosting the FMJH talent show back in 9th grade.  That's seriously what I felt like I was watching.  I would love to know who had the bright idea to put James Franco in a pink gown.  It just was bad.  Oh well, maybe next year Billy Crystal will be back...'You look marvelous!'

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