Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Happy Birthday, Amos!

I cannot believe my little man is a month old, and I'm just getting around to posting his birth story. Life has been crazy, friends. Crazy good that is! Forgive the picture overload and tardiness of this post, but I know I'll want to look back on this one day and remember every special moment.

Tuesday, June 30th we checked into the hospital for my induction. We got there at 5:00am, and B asked if I was nervous because he said I was being super chatty with everyone. I told him I wasn't nervous just extremely excited. I think because it was our third go at this and because I knew what to expect, I was even more anxious and ready to meet our little one. We got to our room and took our obligatory pic of just the two of us before the fun began!
Plus one last belly shot!
By 6:00am I was hooked up and ready to go. Unfortunately I was still just dilated to two centimeters so I was worried we were in for a long day. Fortunately there were plenty of icees to be had!
By 8:30am I had progressed to a three and my doctor broke my water. I still thought we might be in for a long day, so B and I settled in and caught up on some of our favorite HBO shows. I have to admit, being at the hospital just the two of us while the grandparents were home getting the boys ready for school was actually extremely relaxing. I got my epidural around 11:00 and just sat back and visited with my parents and B's mom. It worked out so well that the boys were at school and we had a friend picking them up and staying with them until our babysitter arrived so no one would miss a thing! While I enjoyed icees, the rest of the gang enjoyed lunch. At 1:00pm I was still just a four. I was starting to feel a little nauseous which is exactly what happened when I delivered Jude. I was praying I would not get sick and fortunately was able to nap. The nurse came back and checked me at 2:30pm and told me I was at ten! They quickly called my doctor and we all prayed before the grandparents left the room. We started pushing at 3:30pm and four easy pushes later sweet Amos Conley arrived at 3:53pm! It was such an easy delivery, and I was so tickled to see he was a boy. I had known all along! Because it was such a quick delivery and we pushed so fast, I got light headed and sick right after he came out. Luckily my nausea wore off as soon as they placed my little angel in my arms.
Holding your child for the first time is a feeling that is so indescribable and no matter how many babies I have never ceases to move me. I was so overcome with thankfulness that we had brought another healthy baby into this world. God is so good!
I have to brag on B. He was such a rock during the delivery, and I could not imagine going through it without him. I am so blessed to have such an incredible husband and father to my boys.
After some sweet time with just us, we finally let the grandparents in. B was holding Amos all swaddled up and said, "Meet your newest grand...SON!" Everyone was shocked! They all thought girl but were immediately smitten with our newest little man.

That night we got settled into our room, enjoyed takeout from our favorite Taco Mamacita and enjoyed sweet snuggles from Amos. I definitely sent him to the nursery so I could get some rest, and I must say our first night was quite relaxing.

The next morning I finally got to shower, and we got ready for the craziness of introducing the boys to Amos. I have to say this might have been my favorite moment. When George and Jude walked in and started saying his name, "A-MOS!" as Jude says, my heart just swelled. They opened their gifts from Amos, we snapped some pics and then prayed they would not crush him. Ha! George was immediately infatuated with Amos while Jude was more into the Krispy Kremes they brought. 

After the big bubs left, I enjoyed my favorite bubbly and favorite donut while my littlest snoozed away. Again, being at the hospital was like a vacation!
Oh I could stare at his baby blues all day!
The second night some of our besties brought us dinner, and we had the best time catching up with them. After they left B and I opened a bottle of our favorite wine and just chatted away about the fact we now have three boys and laughed about what life was now going to look like. The next morning it was time to pack up and get ready to go home to life as a family of five. I did not want to leave the hospital! But I was excited to start our new normal.

We made it home and George and Jude had made the sweetest cards at school welcoming Amos home. It made this mama's heart proud. We put the big boys to bed and got ready for what would be the first of many long nights with the sweetest babe named Amos.
More to come on what life as a family of five looks like these days!


  1. Too sweet! You are one of the first I hear to send the little one off to the nursery. I did the same thing (on night two) and BLISS!! With the next babe I am def doing that on night one! Lord knows sleep will never be the same again! Congrats mama!

  2. Um you look amazing! I just love this whole post. Such a blessing to see you with your 3 boys - queen of the castle:)! And may I ask what third-row car you are driving? xo LK

  3. So glad your delivery went so well! I love the pictures with George and Jude - they look smitten with Amos!

  4. This was the most blissful sounding labor and delivery - you are a rockstar! You will laugh, but I have to ask....I'm 34 weeks and already dreaming of a large glass of wine or cold beer when we are in the hospital. I see a lot of hospital packing bags include champagne and things like that, but is it weird to bring and drink it in the hospital? Are the nurses ok with it? Hahaha, I don't know why, I just feel like I could see myself feeling the need to sneak it!