Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Signing off for Lent...

I love this blog. It is so much to me. It's a creative outlet, a community and accountability. But it's also a distraction. Something that becomes a priority before what really should be my priority. After some prayer, I've decided to "give up" this blog for Lent. Sure I could give up coffee and wine which have become my two biggest vices, but you know what, I've done that for nine months. Twice. It's doable. Giving up this blog and Instagram {this is going to be hard!} will be more than just eliminating something from my diet. It's taking away what tends to consume my time and thoughts so that I may refocus on what matters. Time in the word. Time in prayer. And time with my family. I will miss this blog and the community that surrounds it but look forward to catching up after Easter!

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